Why I Play Golf

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There are many reasons that I play golf. It relaxes me, and it takes me outdoors, I make some great connections with people that maybe I wouldn’t intersect with otherwise. But mainly, it’s for what I learn about myself when I play. The game provides constant feedback, and yes, you can make excuses, and I sometimes do, for a lousy shot, but ultimately it as pure as running track, which was my sport in high school and college.

My Insights On Playing The Game

The game also is about capabilities. The more capable I have become over the years, the further along the feedback can take me. I have been playing the game for twenty-eight years, and I use to feel that if I didn’t have enough reps on the range, I would not be able to go on the course and play well. The range has its benefits, but over the years, I have explored other ways to work on my swing. Golf for me mirrors aspects of life. Here are some transferable methods I use to play golf that also works in business and life.

Visualization and Meditation 

I now do more visualization and meditation around my life and my golf game. My process includes breathing, body awareness, and picturing my swing. These same skills also work for me with my work and life — the biggest key for me not evaluating every meditation that I do. My process is a conglomeration of steps that I have taken to relax more.


The other day after missing a shot that was not that difficult. I received internal feedback that I was crowding myself on my downswing and not giving myself enough space to get through the ball effectively. That feedback was critical to the rest of my round.

Develop your Capabilities

I see a lot of people come out and play golf and get upset, or mad and it’s apparent that their capability levels aren’t where they think they are. I am by no means a scratch golfer. On my best days, I am a good golfer who enjoys playing. What I enjoy most is that because I am more capable of understanding my swing, I can take the feedback, and self-correct.

Part of developing my capabilities include working on how my body moves, becoming more pliable and nimble. It is essential that in today’s business environment, we all become more agile, which in turn enhances the value that you provide to your company.

Don’t Play The Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve Game. 

Golf requires that you are fully present on each swing. Losing focus is one of my biggest challenges with the game. I can par 2-4 holes in a row and then lose focus. What usually takes me out of the present is if I spend too much time, thinking about what I thought should’ve, would’ve or could’ve happened. My game is so much better when I focus on the here and now. When I combine visualization, feedback, and trust my capabilities is when magical things happen for me on and off the course.

If I miss a shot, I know I have another opportunity to hit a better shot.

What Games do you like to play? 

Maybe golf isn’t your game, but what is your game, and how can you transfer what you learn from the game to your work and life?

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I am an executive, leadership, and life coach who luvvs golf and also coaches basketball. I provide one on one coaching and team building sessions using golf and sports and the vehicle to building team comrade.

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