One-on-One Coaching

I have the capability to deep dive into understanding the client’s challenges and motivations. So that I might better and then explore the options, approaches, and triggers that will help them to embrace new, more productive behaviors. As a coach, I have several coaches I use in my development and growth process. Even the most capable employees can benefit from the development, growth, and new perspectives that come from an engaged, one-on-one coaching process.

My coaching strategies can address a wide variety of issues that managers /executives have. I typically focus on.

An Accountable Process:

Having worked with hundreds of managers and executives in one-on-one coaching situations, we know there is no perfect formula in doing this type of work. Each person responds to different approaches and motivations. That said, some fundamental components are part of our process. They include:

Early Assessment:

Early Assessment will be conducted with bosses and colleagues of the manager or exec to obtain input, specific examples, and direction on what behavioral change is needed or desired.

Process Commencement:

Jerome Green Consulting will initially meet with the manager or exec to understand his or her challenges. Then ascertain his/her level of awareness, discuss existing approaches and skills, and provide additional information obtained from the early-assessment.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

To ensure growth and development, Pitlik Consulting will provide coaching and skill development training as the person being coached works through real-life situations that challenge them. Each session will culminate with the executive making specific goals and committing to actions – that will help them take on new behaviors and build momentum.


At the culmination of the project or a logical mid-point. We’ll seek input from vital direct reports to determine what progress has occurred made and offer advice on the next steps.

A Principled and Proven Approach:

The approach that we use is practical and proven and follows these principles:


The manager or exec being coached is responsible for progress. Jerome Green Consulting is a catalyst, and the executive’s boss can provide feedback and support, but ownership of the process resides with the person being coached.


It’s incredible what can be accomplished with honest communication, openness, and the removal of “hedging” in our language. This process is guaranteed to be both supportive and hard-hitting.


The process only works when the manager or exec is 100% committed to giving up certain behaviors in question and replace them with new ones. There will likely be bumps in the road, and that’s fine as long as learning is accompanying them.


Change and some level of ongoing improvement are required. Without noticeable improvement, this coaching process should be reviewed. We’ve seen great results across so many industries with this approach. When customized training and support is needed, coaching is often the right call.