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Is it ever too late to learn, grow, develop new thoughts or patterns? In our culture, where age is a number, the overwhelming opinion is that after a certain period, our value and productivity decreases. The belief is that your ability to increase your income is diminished and that it’s time to go out to pasture. If you haven’t achieved your life’s purpose by sixty, then it’s over for you. For me, that would be a sad note. I am just reaching my peak of who I am and what my legacy will be. There is a minimal social construct that supports my notion. For a long time, I bought into the illusion.

I always hear a lot of encouragement for young folks, and I am one of those people that have given much of my life’s work to this point to more youthful generations through my work at colleges and universities and with youth basketball.

The message for older adults? Move out of the way and make room for the young. It is their turn. Again, I have no problem with assisting the young, but what about a world that encouraged all generations to do their very best to provide value to the planet. That the future is about the resources that are available now, let’s mine every knowledgable and capable person available to us.

” You’ve had your shot, move over, retire, and let the young guns have their chance.”

The illusion is that life’s pie only has so many slices in it and if you are over a certain age that there is no more pie left for you to partake off. What about baking more pies, finding new recipes and purpose, valuing anyone who wants to contribute and provide value to others. Is there an age limitation to that? All great recipes have a mixture of ingredients that make them appealing to our taste buds.

Do we outlive our usefulness? 

I don’t think we do unless we buy into the BS that is part of the world of influencers and social media zealots. Being of service has many benefits at any age. I luvv being of service to others. It’s something I have done, sometimes to a fault, all my life. What I am learning now is how to be of service not only to others but to myself.

I have had people say to me ” If you don’t have life figured out by the age of 60, it’s over for you”. For me, at the age of 66, figuring out life is not my focus, but being in life is. Recently I have engaged in some new learning modalities that have opened me up to channels that include, Mindfulness, Marketing strategies, Relationship communication, Wellness training, and Brokering other’s ideas. I have never been a hunger. I am consuming all sorts of knowledge that is available to me. Is life over for me? Hell no. I don’t know when my experience in the physical form will come to a close, but I do know that every current breath I take is full of meaning and curiosity.

I must admit that I had begun buying into the chatter about being over 60 and not having much more purpose or value. Here are some of my current processes that have greatly assisted me in own the fact that ” I Am Walking Here.” 

Tools That I use To Stay Present And Current

I Am Walking Here 

I have an attitude of owning my space. Holding with who I am. Not apologizing for being desirous of more, being greedy and wanting to serve more people and develop more considerable skills to ignite my passion further.

Be Curious 

The more curious I am, the more I alert and passionate I have become. My curiosity has me learning at an accelerated pace. Involve yourself in cross generational activities and discussions. Be willing to learn from anyone who demonstrates knowledge, Extract and implement. My curiosity the other day allowed me to meet this young man who simply blew me away with his energy, passion and knowledge.

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Be Courageous

Fail, Fail, Fail, and don’t let anyone tell you that failing is only for a specific age group. The lack of courage blocks us from fully manifesting our gifts.

Let go of the past 

Letting go of the past is a huge one for me. Damn, I have made more mistakes than I have counted on any of my extremities, but does that mean I quit. Honestly, a part of me felt that way for a long time. I can’t undo the past, but I can utilize it to learn and activate the learning in the present. I find the older I get that this is the most difficult one to overcome, but I am working on it. Each time you spend too much time in the past lamenting on pass mistakes and issues. You essentially are being pulled out of the present.

Learn The Difference Between Over Efforting vs. Ease and Patience 

I was watching a video on Mindfulness with George Munford, who is a renown Mindfulness practitioner, and he was talking about concentration, and he said,  “The more you try, the harder it is to do, just do.”   I have always sensed that finding flow trumped over concentrating.

Have Fun 

For me, it’s all about making the Full Use of Now. I don’t know when my last breath will be. So why spend time worrying about stuff. I know it’s difficult because life brings with it all sorts of logistical and emotional components to it. Worrying won’t solve them. Actions will. So I am learning how to take more steps in a vast number of areas.

Serve others 

Service to others is one of the greatest gifts we can provide to ourselves and the people we are serving. Serving others doesn’t mean you can’t make money helping others, or that you have to make money each time. It’s more about what your intentions are. I luvv actively listening to assist others in solving problems, and I get paid to do that, and I also do it for gratis from time to time. My personal and professional goal is to have a healthy mix of both.


As a former track runner, I have always seen the value of being coached by someone you trust. I was fortunate to have a high school and college coach that I believed and trusted.

As an Executive, Leadership and Life coach, I still have coaches that I trust and rely on to provide my guidance and insight.

Find your way to say “All Is Well.”  Find coaches that will push, encourage you, and hold you accountable while also having compassion. I have those people in my life that make me feel “All Is Well” when I work with them.

Side Bars: There are some excellent Mindfulness Apps that are free. The one I luvv the most Ten percent is a yearly subscription, but it has some of the best Mindfulness Practitioners available at a minimal cost. They also have a free seven-day trial. Contact me regarding a secret regarding purchasing the App. The free app I use is Smiling Mind.

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