Finish High On And Off The Course

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I recently took up the practice of meditation and have found it extremely beneficial to my overall wellness. Today I listened to a session by Joseph Goldstein on the ten percent meditation app. The focus was on the power of beginning again when you are meditating. If you find yourself wandering off, reconnect to your breath as many times as it takes and doesn’t get caught up in the wandering, but focus on beginning again.

As I was finishing up with the meditation, I thought about ideas and projects that have died from neglect because I was under the illusion that one or two attempts where enough, and if I wasn’t successful that I should quit and move on to what’s next.

Beginning again is an important message for me to hear as I embark on new business projects and adventures. I realized that there are many times when I have entered into a project or toyed with an idea, and maybe it didn’t’ go as well as I wanted, or it flat out bombed. Where I failed was allowing my internal negative talk to force me the abandon my idea or quit on the project.

If you have ever played a video game, you know that it’s the benchmark of any game you play. You get to take what you learned and restart and do it again. I like the game Red Dead RedemptionII and there where sections of the game where I maybe had twenty restarts. Was it frustrating? Yes. Did I begin again? Yes. I took the information and knowledge from what I learned and applied it to the restart.

The Power of Beginning Again 

For me, it’s what I can take away from my mistakes. What I learn and apply to the next action to move the needle forward. It allows me to take a breath, reflect, respond and not react to the fact that maybe it didn’t go as well as I would like, or it may not be in the flow, but to look for what is.

By writing in posting articles is a step in me beginning again. Sometimes I may hit a home run, and other times it may be a single or a strikeout, but as long as I keep working on my writing craft and learning from it, I am winning. Are you impacted by other people’s opinions of you or your work? I know there are times when I am. In studying people who have achieved, they generally don’t give a damn about what others think.

Evaluate where you went wrong and course correct. Similar to video games, it could be about one’s capabilities to meet the challenge. Sometimes I would hear that I had poor execution, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized it was more about my capabilities to meet the challenge more than my ability to execute.

Be curious and explore your why. I understand why, and it has a significant impact on how I pursue my passions and developing my courage to begin again.

Hi, I would luvv to work with you. I realized a long time ago that my work provides me with the opportunity to learn and grow with and alongside my clients. You can message me and I will get back to you.

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