Developing A Winning Mindset

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The 70’s 

I am a former distance runner, and one of my favorite books and movies is about Steve Prefontaine. Steve was an American Distance Runner from Oregon, who had a Winning Mindset. He died in a car accident way too young. Steve was in the 1972 Montreal Olympics. Steve came in 4th in the Olympic finals because he ran to win. He could have held back and probably secured a bronze medal, but he was in the race to win.

“Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it-Steve Prefontaine.”

In the early 70’s I would go on long runs in preparation for my college cross country season, Steve’s attitude and performance was my inspiration. I didn’t always have the Winning Mindset, but when I did, there was a joy in my running. I remember my freshman year in college where I had to run a time trail to make the seven man travel roster. The coach said that he had a lot of returning runners and two runners who he recruited over me. He didn’t want me to get discouraged if I didn’t make the out of town travel roster. He said “you will still be able to race in the home meets.”

What he didn’t know was that I spent the summer working, running, eating and sleeping. That was my entire summer. I ended up coming in sixth in the time trial and making the seven man travel team.

What I luvv about running is that it’s pure. You have to have a Winning Mindset to run.


When I started filming John Fischer speaking to a group of Middle school basketball players, I wasn’t thinking that he was going to serve up a golden nugget on a silver plate and my next article.

The idea of having a Winning Mindset is about striving to win in all aspects of your life. It doesn’t mean that you will always come in first or that if you don’t come in first that you are a loser. What it means to me is that your focus is to have Winning Mindset throughout the process.

There is a direct correlation between a Winning Mindset and how you approach your life and work.

What Does Having A Winning Mindset Mean To Me? 

As I reflect on John’s words, I was aware that I have not always had a “Winning Mindset.” There have always been inconsistencies. There are times when just being a part of something was enough, but not really. I fooled myself that it was. Over the last several months, I have become greedy. I want to showcase my talents and abilities and make my desires and life’s purpose the priority. I am a great support person by nature. I am here to provide service to others, and I luvv working with people. Spend hours on the phone coaching my friends and other people my friends suggest call me.

I remember Joking with John about fifteen years ago that I should have a meter on the phone where people deposit money for my time. For m me a Winning Mindset for my coaching business is ” If you pay you to pay attention”-Tony Robbins.

The Steps To My Winning Mindset 

-Value my time

-Provide Value to others

-Get paid to provide value

-Reduce my distractions

-Have fun

-Make my interest and vocation a priority

How Can You Develop A Winning Mindset?

The first step is, to be honest. Have you been winning or losing?

Are you too comfortable?

What challenges have you tackled?

What is your overall purpose?

Are you willing to fail in the process of learning how to win?

List five things in your personal life you can do better?

List five things in your professional life you can do better?

Is your first instinct to quit when things get tough?

These are just a few questions that might assist you in establishing a winning mindset. I would luvv to hear your comments on what your Winning Mindset is and how you developed or are developing it. 

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