About Jerome Green

I am a compassionate, intuitive coach who enjoys getting to people’s core issues and desires to discover what they want to accomplish. I assist clients in seeing things new as they strengthen themselves and prepare for new opportunities ahead. My approach is to remove blocks, beliefs, and blind spots that slow an individual’s ability to make rapid progress. I firmly believe some opportunities come forward by focusing on “what’s possible” and not let the past limit one’s future. I have extensive experience in the area of conflict management, life-skill training, and leadership development. The intention is that my coaching shifts both internal and external perceptions of the people he’s working with to enhance the overall quality of life and their job performance.

By using active listening tools that I pass on to my clients, I can demonstrate the superpower of listening and the impact it can have on an executive, colleague, or consultant. I am a storyteller and use humor and laughter in his work and often draws on stories to illuminate his message.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have always been a competitor, and golf provides me with the opportunity to compete with myself and continuously learn while playing. Golf isn’t a good walked spoiled. For me, it’s a meditative enjoyment.

Beyond my work in the corporate world, I have a strong connection to the sports world. For the past twenty years, I have operated a youth sports basketball business and have worked with young adults and have been a consultant to high school and college coaches. My experience in the competitive, pressurized sports world translates beautifully to business and all aspects of life.

I have a B.S in sociology and graduate work in Counseling and Public Administration. I have worked in higher education for 24 years in a variety of positions including, University Management, Leadership Development, and Human Resources Administration. He has published articles on diversity, leadership, and athletic performance. I am an advocate of self-education, and I am continually pursuing knowledge and capabilities so that I might better serve myself and in return, pass on the learning to my clients.