I thrive on the success of my clients. Success is when my clients’ world opens when strength comes from discovery, when new opportunities are presented, and when internal and external perceptions shift. I support my clients by removing and shifting limiting perspectives, and the roadblocks, beliefs, and blind spots that creep in and slow an individual’s ability to progress.

I luvv getting to know people and understanding their core challenges and desires. My superpower of active listening helps me discover what my clients want and need to focus on the future and what’s possible. I firmly believe that the past does not define us and cannot limit one’s future. I help clients see things through a new light and strengthen themselves
to prepare for new opportunities ahead.

My intuitive and compassionate approach is based on my years of developing athletes, talent, and leaders across industries, cultures, and generations. I have extensive experience in conflict management, life-skill training, leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Also, my training in Accelerated Coach Excellence and certification in the Process Communication Model provide me with even more tools, methods, and assessments to support my clients and open the door to discovery.

In our work together, my clients add more tools to their toolbox too, to support them when faced with opportunities,
challenges, and decisions.

I spent 24 years working in higher education in university management, leadership development, student services, and human resources. After earning my undergraduate degree in sociology, I was hungry for more and completed graduate coursework in counseling and public administration. I am an advocate of continuous education, maintaining curiosity, pursuing knowledge, and growing capabilities so that I might better serve myself and, in return, pass on
my learning to my clients.

As a storyteller at heart, I use humor and laughter to engage my clients and illuminate my messages. That photo of my golf swing on the left is a story in and of itself and symbolizes my competitive spirit, with myself, and my commitment to continuous growth. It also connects to the

twenty years I spent in the competitive, pressurized sports world running a youth sports basketball business working with young adults and consulting high school and collegiate coaches. This work translates beautifully to my business today and all aspects of my life.