One-on-One Coaching

Jerome Green Consulting provides in-depth coaching services for managers and executives who want to make a change that allows them to perform at a higher level in your organization.

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Leadership development

Great Leadership requires discipline and action orientated individuals.

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Life Skills

No one can tell you how to live your life that is a decision you have to make.

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About Jerome Green

I am a compassionate, intuitive coach who enjoys getting to people’s core issues and desires to discover what they want to accomplish. I assist clients in seeing things new as they strengthen themselves and prepare for new opportunities ahead. My approach is to remove blocks, beliefs, and blind spots that slow an individual’s ability to make rapid progress.

I firmly believe some opportunities come forward by focusing on “what’s possible” and not let the past limit one’s future. I have extensive experience in the area of conflict management, life-skill training, and leadership development. The intention is that my coaching shifts both internal and external perceptions of the people he’s working with to People I am working with.

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Are personal connections important to you? If so, check out my blog posts. Some are more personal than others, but filled with my thoughts on life, work and play.

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